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Halsoft Leagues add unparalleled excitement and competition to gameplay. Players love them because they’re rewarded for doing well and visiting often. Site owners love them because they make the gaming website much more attractive to both users and site sponsors.

Several sites offer tournament and ladder applications, but require your players to leave your site to use them, and register with the other site. They also require players to self-report game results, which can result in conflicts. And because you have no control over the advertisements on these sites, your players are tempted by your competition’s ads each time they log on to report results. Halsoft Leagues not only offers your customers added value, it gives you many high-interest pages for your own ads.

Halsoft Leagues is a stand-alone product that runs in a fully managed ASP environment. Halsoft Leagues fully integrates — invisibly — with your existing games and web site. Your customers never have to leave you. And they won’t want to!

League Features
  • Charge a fee — real or virtual — to own a league, or participate in a tournament.
  • Award prizes — real or virtual — to tournament winners and top-ranked ladder players.
  • With Halsoft’s flexible users and groups management, league owners can easily assign custom privileges to a Tournament Director (TD) to help with league management.
  • League owners can manage multiple alert lists and send publicity emails and automatic reminders to league members.
  • Players can see their own league rankings and others’ real-time rankings at any time.
  • Player ratings are based on the USCF (United States Chess Federation) formula.
  • Frequently Asked Questions and support screens included in the product.
  Tournament Features
  • Halsoft Leagues support all the popular tournament types: Single elimination, Double elimination, Round robin, Swiss rules.
  • Up to 256 players can participate in a single tournament.
  • Registration is handled automatically, and can be limited to players with a certain rank.
  • Alerts automatically report results and remind players of upcoming rounds.
  • Games scores are reported automatically, making this a very fair, reliable system.
  • Tournament results are automatically reported to Leagues for overall ranking.
  • End rounds manually or have timed rounds. Timed rounds can last from 5 minutes to 365 days.