Who is Halsoft?

The principals of Halsoft, Inc. met while developing applications for Excite, Inc.'s chat community. We got so good at managing user communities that we licensed the chat product and now run it ourselves as a subscription-based service. We have more than 15,000 members.

We've encountered and overcome every challenge a large, vibrant user community could throw at us, and designed a streamlined solution for each situation. Our products are in use today by our own community. Customized tournaments and game ladders, billing, subscriptions, payment systems, retention, security - we've got it covered, and have a fully functioning, optimized solutions ready for you to use immediately. This is not vaporware; this is the real deal, available now.

Our development team is available for custom web application development. We're experts at creating usable, multiuser web applications, as well as providing business plan consultations for anything related to online communities.

Julie Gomoll. An entrepreneur, project manager, and online community guru, Julie has managed user communities and their products since 1996. Tap into Julie's eBusiness experience through Halsoft's consulting services - having her review your business plan can save your startup venture thousands or even millions of dollars.

Tom Lang. Tom is our system designer and C++, PHP, and SQL programming genius. Tom is also available for consultations regarding system design, security and streamlining. Tom knows the systems end of the Internet business inside out, having started and managed a full-service ISP and developed eCommerce servers from the ground up.

Read more about Tom.

Tori Breitling. An expert at creating usable, elegant interfaces, Tori has designed web sites since 1997. Tori is available for select web interface design projects.

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