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  HOSSHalsoft Online Subscription Solution
HOSS is a stand-alone web site user registration and e-commerce system in a fully-managed ASP environment. It supports free and paid accounts, recurring charges, and a shopping cart. This robust, mature system is completely automated and integrates with your existing or planned web site.

Our development team originally created this system for Excite, Inc. to support millions of users. We’ve been refining it for 9 years and have created the most automated, scalable subscription and e-commerce system available today.

We'll customize a system to meet your specs so your engineers don’t have to get bogged down. We can have you up and running in a matter of days.

  • Account management. HOSS manages a free trial period, registration, subscription payment, renewals, reminders and cancellations ­automatically. Set up exception events (such as bounced e-checks, denied credit cards) for automatic or workflow, as desired.
  • Renewals and reminders. Manage workflow simply in a web-based interfaceby queueing and scheduling items needing attention.
  • Security and monitoring. HOSS includes a health monitor
  • Auditing. HOSS keeps complete records of every user and administrator event.
  • Tiered access. HOSS supports up to 5 levels of access, from front-line support staff to system administrators and executive management.
  • Executive dashboard. Keep track of your subscriptions, server activity and more in the HOSS management tool or export to an Excel spreadsheet.
Key Benefits
  • Customizable. We don’t require you to set up your business any certain way, or try to lock you in to our product suite.
  • Scalable. Manage millions of users, supports different levels of membership or products, subscription lengths, including add-on products or services.
  • Easy to use. Focus your customer service efforts on handling select exceptions, not day-to-day, expected events. Automated e-mails are completely customizable.
  • Cost-effective. Handles payment through a variety of methods, including credit card, Paypal, eChecks and can “learn” a new payment method quickly. Subscribers are automatically reminded to renew, credit card payments automatically processed.
  • Easy to administer. Robust traffic and account and user activity reports. Add notes to individual accounts.
  • Sells itself. Supports a free trial period, after which it closes the sale for you. Encourages existing subscribers to invite others and supports a reward system for referrals.
  • Secure. Health monitor detects hacking attempts and initiates defensive response while notifying administrators. Fault tolerant and easy to back up.