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Server Hardware
Cisco PIX 525 firewall
Local director load balancer
Catalyst switches
Sun Netra servers (single and dual CPU)
Sun A1000 RAID disk array
Custom-built rack-mount PCs
Multiple disk drives for fault tolerance

Server Software
Solaris and RedHat Linux operating systems
Apache/OpenSSL web servers
Sybase and MySQL database servers

Server Configuration
100Mbps internet connection
Commercial datacenter with multiple 100 and 1000Mbps connections
Redundant components for fault tolerance
Hardware load balancer for scalability
RAID disk array for data integrity and high performance
Hardware firewall for security
Cisco networking components
Sun/Solaris and PC/Linux servers

Internet Connection
Commercial data center - SunGard/InFlow
Gigabit links to the internet
Physical security
24/7 monitoring
Battery and diesel generator backup

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